In the autumn of 2009, the New Lacanian Field Austria was founded by psychoanalysts that follow the teachings of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan in their work.


The members of the field have made it their common goal to create a wide public space for the psychoanalysis and clinic of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan within the Austrian therapeutic and psychoanalytic discourse. They want to create a possibility for those interested of getting to know the psychoanalytic ethics and a space for members to concern themselves with theory and clinic and potentially use it for their own formation as psychoanalysts. - In doing so, we base our efforts on the "Guiding Principes for any Psychoanalytic Act" that were formulated by Éric Laurent in 2004.


The analytic discourse in Austria has been physically destroyed and ethically contaminated by National Socialism in way that has effects until today - we want to make another contribution towards its reestablishment.


This task seems important to us in times in which people that suffer in and of their soul are offered more and more "solutions" that lead to a shutting down of speech and their subjectivity, that ignore the unconscious, suggest the illusion of a happiness free of lack and that have the objective of a mere adaption to a societal functioning in the sense of the market und thus reduce people once more to traded objects.


The founding of this field is the attempt to open the established forms of psychoanalytic formation. We don't entend an administration of certified knowledge but rather more room for the formations of the unconscious that can never be controlled.


These principles are the ethical guidelines for our project, since it does not have any fixed and predetermined structures. These will be created retroactively through our work together in this workshop and will be subject to change even then.


When possible, we would like to promote these efforts in collaboration with other forces already existing in Austria (Neue Wiener Gruppe/Lacan Schule, stuzzicadenti, Lacan-Archiv Bregenz) and similar initiatives of other countries (for example, the Psychoanalytisches Kolleg and the AFP in Germany; The Institute of the Freudian Field / NLS in France; dor-a-GIEP in Isreal), our main focus however lies in emphasizing the clinical field.


We are inviting those who want to take part in this project in any way to inscribe themselves into the field.


Avi Rybnicki

 Gerhard Zenaty